This is my entry for the Pembroke Dock Beer Jam, a game that was featured at the Pembroke Dock Beer Festival. This game was prototyped in 8 hours, but expanded in function to be played at the Beer Festival.

To play

This game can be played with a Controller, or via the Keyboard.

Simply follow the recipe on the right side of the screen, and pour in the liquids into the glass. Get the recipe wrong and you loose points. Make to many bad drinks and you loose the game!

Try the hard mode difficulty; where extra cocktails are added but there is a queue system - to many people waiting, and you loose!


Either through a Controller (such as a Xbox controller), or through the keyboard.

The game shows the controls on the screen, next to the ingredients.

  • The left thumb stick is used to pull beer, or the Space Bar.
  • M is used to reset the game.

Known Bugs

  • Some of the cocktails are factually incorrect or wrong.
  • The scoring system sometimes incorrectly rewards you with no stars on a correct drink order.


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The x button doesn't work

:/ I'm having an error when downloading it.