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My entry for the Fantasy Console Game Jame 2017


This is an emulator for a fictional computer, inspired by British made computers of the 1980s.

The DX8 computer features a custom 8-bit CPU - running at a whooping 8 Mhz. 64KB of banked RAM. Upto 5 colours per scanline with the 4-bit GPU, and for sound a simple buzzer speaker. Capable of playing two notes at the same time!

The computer can be programmed using assembly and I've included some games + demos for you to try out.

The computer is presented as a 3D physics simulation, so you can use the computer as if it was real, or you can switch to a 2D simulation where the DX8 computer's screen takes up your computer screen.


  • Visual Studio 2017 Runtime may be required to run.
  • The emulator does not run correctly when put in a folder that has a space in it's path. (i.e. "c:/Users/Some User/Downloads"). Fix coming soon!


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Published 14 days ago
Tags2D, 8-bit, british, emulator, fantasy-console, fictional-computer, Retro
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code


DX8 Computer (Windows) with Game + Music Disk 14 MB
DX8 SDK for Assembly 12 kB

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