This is my entry for the Pembroke Dock Game Jam November 2016; Dragons are Hatching.This is a turn-based game, similar to the Doctor Who game for the Amiga.


The aim of the game is to escape the 3 levels by finding the key to the door. You find the key by crushing the Dragons eggs, by walking over them. The key can be also found by killing Dragons. However, you can only kill two dragons by making them move into one of other.

There are potions to help you; a Potion that freezes nearby Dragons for a few turns, or a potion that will put a block randomly around you, possibly helping you escape.

This game was done in 30 hours over the Game Jam, and polished for a few hours the following day.


WASD - Move Up, Left, Down, Right

Space - Use Potion

R - Wait one turn

1 - Cheat

Source Code

The Game was written in C using Retro, the entire code is in one main.c file, and around 1000 lines. The levels are made in Tiled, and automatically loaded in. Additional levels are straightforward to add.

Source Code


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