Pickup Powerups

This our entry for the 8 hour Pembroke Dock Mini Jam, on the 28th January 2017.

Your character can only do actions by picking up and dropping power ups. There are some evil snails with rayguns which would be very happy to shoot you. Get to the Exit sign to goto the next level!

There are five levels to play!


As per the Game Jam rules; The main game mechanic was written in 8 hours. We then spent the afternoon the next day tweaking the physics, and added in some extra levels. The game is mostly finished but requires more pickups and levels.

Artwork is all from Kenny, and the Game was written in C# using Unity Free.


  • Robin Southern - Programmer and Level Designer
  • Mat Saville - Games Designer


  • AD - Move Left or Right
  • E - Fire (When you have the raygun power up)
  • Space - Jump (When you have the jump power up)
  • W - Pick up power up
  • S - Drop selected power up
  • Q - Select next power up
  • R - Reset level
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